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14 short-term emergency loans

  a. Characteristics and description
1. Private capital provides borrowing
2. Using real estate as collateral the borrower
3. Loans-fast same-day loan
4. Borrowing at least 100,000 yuan, the ceiling of 10 million Yuan
II. Condition
1. Collateral – the domestic
2. Urban home values above 500,000, suburban property values over 1 million
3. Loan period for more than 2 months
4. Property owners and their spouses must all be present, notary's Office handle the notarization of loan, real estate trade center mortgage
5. More than 50 per cent of the loan amount to appraised value (loan real estate can also be yet another loan, there is enough space)
San. Provide relevant information
1. Property
2. Identity card (owners and their spouses)
3. This account (owners and their spouses)
4. Marital status
5. The purchase contract
6. Purchase invoice
7. Purchase taxes
IV. If the Bank loan needed
1. Bank loans
2. Last 3 months Bank loan accounts
3. Payment cards, bank books

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