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Short-term fund bridge

  a. Business Description:
1. Of the borrower to the Bank for a new loan, renewal of the loan, increasing the loan process, prior to repay loans in order to obtain new loans.
2. To provide bridge funds, Fund support services for the period.
3. Obtained by the borrower as the source of repayment and as security for the loan.
4. To ensure safety funds withdrawn from circulation, borrowing the premise – the borrower's bank loan application has been approved or, provide loans, underwritten by us full service.
II. Objects, requirements:
1. Enterprises and individuals can be.
2. Area-domestic.
3. Premise--the borrower's loan application has been approved or provided loans, underwritten by us full service.
4. The borrower, notary legalization services.
San. Advantages:
1. Well-funded and maximum amount per single, borrowing from 200,000 yuan.
2. Borrow flexible days can accrue.

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