China-Japan defense white paper speculation China expressed strong dissatisfaction

  asked: it was reported that the Japan Government announced on August 2 the 2011 Edition "defense white paper" China-related negative content appears again. Comment on this?
a: Japan version "defense white paper" make irresponsible remarks on China's national defense construction, made irresponsible remarks, the Chinese side expresses strong dissatisfaction. I would like to reiterate that China adheres to the road of peaceful development, insist on being a good neighbor and partner and foreign policy, solve problems in bilateral relations through dialogue and consultation, pursues a defensive national defense policy and is committed to promoting the building of harmonious Asia and world. China's development including Japan brought important opportunities for countries around the world, that they did not, and will never constitute a threat to any country.
I would like to stress that China's national defense and military modernization, and is entirely in order to safeguard national sovereignty, security and territorial integrity, is not directed against any country. Hope the Japanese side take history as a mirror, and to give serious thought to its own defence policy, with their neighbours and do more to promote mutual trust, things conducive to safeguarding regional peace and stability, not the other way around.
Japan 2011 defense white paper issued "warning" China's military action
Japan media reported, Japan on the morning of August 2, the Government introduced the 2011 edition of the defense white paper, book entry and exit of China expressed concern about the expansion of scope and normal, says is necessary to continue China's military movements remain "alert".

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