Bursts of violent attacks in Xinjiang to mobilize all forces of public security against terrorism

  Urumqi, August 4 (Xinhua Zou w Cao Zhiheng) national anti-terror coordination team 4th in Urumqi national anti-terror Conference. State, and Ministry of public security Minister, and national anti-terrorist work coordination group leader Meng jianzhu in Conference Shang stressed, to seriously implement implementation Hu Jintao General Secretary, Central led comrade important indicates spirit, awake awareness current counter-terrorism situation of severe sex, and complexity and long-term, effective enhanced suffering consciousness, and responsibility consciousness, effective perform maintenance stable of first responsibility, to more firm of determination, and more powerful of measures, strongly combat prevention violence terrorist crime activities, maintenance social overall stable, guarantees masses life property security.
recently, the series of violent terrorist crimes in Xinjiang, caused innocent casualties, seriously affecting the socio-economic development and national unity in Xinjiang. The Party Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to the Central leading comrades made important instructions, require organizations to solve the case as soon as possible, and to firmly against violent terrorist crimes in accordance with law. Meng stressed that to insist on equality before the law, no matter who, as long as it is a violation of the law, as long as they are endangering people's life and property security, as long as it is engaged in activities to split the country and undermine national unity, are firmly dealt with according to law. For those who dare to defy the law, criminals engaged in violent terrorist activities, attacking will not tolerate pulling no punches. He sought to mobilize all available resources to mobilize all possible forces, pay close attention to the implementation of counter-terrorism measures, the formation of the violent terrorist crime crackdown highhanded and firmly curb the momentum of frequent cases of violence and terrorism, strongly the arrogance of violent terrorists, and enhance the security of people of all ethnic groups. Meng jianzhu,
international and domestic environment and the current situation of economic and social development in Xinjiang, in-depth analysis of Xinjiang-terrorism of the gravity of the situation, the complexity and long duration. He pointed out that work in the party and the State an important strategic position in the cause of global development, Xinjiang's stability, a matter of realizing leap-forward development in Xinjiang, concerning the overall situation of reform, development and stability throughout the country, a matter of national unity and security. Hope Xinjiang party committees at all levels Government according to Hu Jintao General Secretary "71" important speech spirit, grasp first priority, perform first responsibility, firm set stable overriding of thought, put promote reform development with maintenance social stable organic combined up, always put against national split, and maintenance national unified and national security as maintenance Xinjiang stable of main task, seriously summary, and deep draw experience lessons, active advance grass-roots regime construction, strengthening members cadres team construction, constantly enhanced masses work capacity and level. Vigorously promoting the construction of people's livelihood, deepen national unity, let people feel the Central Government to combat the strong determination to punish crimes of violence and terrorism, feel the warmth and care of the party and the Government.
Meng jianzhu pointed out that, to according to "dafangbingju, and source governance, relies on masses, and against penetration" of principles, and manpower people Board, and religious, and United Front and police, and education, sector of power resources, relies on advance urban and rural community construction, and implementation compulsory education, measures, put prevention, and combat, and education, work in-depth to rural village Tun, and in-depth to city community, further extends work tentacles, and weaving key group anti-network, from essentially elimination violence terrorist activities breeding of hotbed. To further promote social management innovation and focus on improving the pertinence and effectiveness of the fight against terrorism, strengthen basic work, focus on improving counter-terrorism initiative. Meng jianzhu,
requirements, all localities and departments to keep sober-minded, overcome palsy, in-depth analysis of the situation of the fight against terrorism, the full implementation of counter-terrorism measures, comprehensively enhancing the ability and level of anti-terrorism work and resolutely fight against violent terrorist crimes, safeguard people's life and property safety and social stability.

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