Restriction of standard baked two or three-tier cities around the corner

  two or three-tier cities property market restriction is introduced.
16th exclusive was informed that the Housing Ministry has issued a document requiring provinces by August 20, reported the first half of the districts in the city's real estate market regulation work, and the restriction of the five standards. This means that the Housing Ministry has urged local governments, is expected in August two or three cities the purchase of boots ground.
Live built Department to out of added limited purchased city list of recommends 5 article standard including: one, according to statistics released of 70 a cities prices index, in prices gains forefront of city; second, will province within all city this year June of residential price and last year end of of residential price do a compared, gains high of two or three line city; its three, this year first half of volume compared increases high of city; its four, is located in has limited purchased regional center city around, outsiders purchase proportion high of city; its five, Public prices reacted strongly, that the regulatory policy poorly implemented or not in place of the city.
Ministry of housing proposals, in conformity with article 2 above are included in the purchase.
reporter notes that these five criteria for direction to two or three cities a restriction, there are strong operational. Only the first, among at least 10 cities. It is worth mentioning that, on Thursday, the National Bureau of statistics will release July, 70 cities, rose again among the top cities, before the end of August or having to "forced" to purchase policies soon.
Agency, in 70 cities in the index of newly-built commercial residential, a clear restriction of the 39 cities in June jumped an average of 4.23%, non-restriction of the 31 cities the average gain of 4.66% and restriction of the most stringent of Beijing-Shanghai-Guangzhou-Shenzhen jumped only 3.85% of the four mega-cities.
analysis of the industry noted that the restriction is still by far the most effective means of market regulation, two or three lines of urban restrictions introduced in the end of August, will first suppress possible housing "gold and nine silver ten" rally, followed by two or three-tier cities will also step in first-tier cities, "prices fell" to follow.

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