Hainan Sanya construction site smashing burn event is subsiding

  Sanya, Beijing, August 18 (Yin Haiming luojia), August 18, Sanya city, Hainan Province Public Security Bureau informed the media about smashing burning events that occurred on August 17. Sanya Public Security Bureau said that after the incident, the public security authorities for on-site disposal, an event quickly subsided.
the Sanya Public Security Bureau reported that August 17, 2011 before 4 o'clock in the morning, located in Jiefang four road, Fenghuang town in Sanya city Howard Johnson back to the village of eight sections of the United States company personnel on the Golden River-view project construction, Phoenix back to the villagers in the new neighborhood block, disputes between the two parties escalated. Construction workers and villagers threw stones at each other, the villagers used sticks, turned around, the shovel hit the construction personnel, burn smashed parked vehicles on the site, by the public security organ handling, events soon subsided.
reported that this resulted in 2 different levels of construction personnel were injured, 2 cars, 1 trenchers were smashed, 2 cars were burned, in a temporary shed Windows, TV, bed, table and chairs were smashed and burned.
the Sanya Public Security Bureau said that after the incident, Sanya municipal Committee and municipal government, municipal Committee of political and Legislative Affairs Committee, municipal Public Security Bureau, Phoenix Town Board town government leaders at all levels attach great importance to, the municipal party Committee, Member of the legal Committee weangthai indicates that the municipal Public Security Bureau, Wei Jiang and other leaders rushed to the scene immediately disposed of.
informed said, for this up event, Sanya currently main take has following measures: a is drawn police composition site dimension stability work group, on site and the around area for 24 hours patrol control; II is established project, best carried out investigation work, strive to as soon as possible detection; three is strengthening information collection submitted work; four is by Sanya Government working group, and Phoenix Town Board, and town government organization cadres into village carried out education grooming work.

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