China's satellite launch failed due to rocket failure does not enter orbit

  a satellite launch rocket failure
practice 11th 04-star rocket fails, failed to enter its preset orbit 17:28
Xinhua Beijing on 18th, at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in China with "long second c" launch "practice 11th 04 star." Rocket fails in flight, the satellite failed to enter its preset orbit. In the analysis of specific reasons are.

"will not affect the temple on the first"
this morning, academician of China manned space engineering outstanding contribution medal winner Wang Jiaqi said practice 11th 04, Star scientific satellites, used for scientific experiments. A military observers in Beijing said, from the news that the launch failure problem on the rocket and satellite launch to a predetermined height is not.
"which means practice 11th 04 stars can't work, but due to some problem don't know what rises to height, can not determine why. "The observer says, if it's before the flight fails, probably landing in China; if a failure occurred at the end of the flight will fly after a period of time, crashed into the Pacific Ocean.
the observer said, the launch vehicle for satellite launch and "temple on the first" belongs to a different model, will not affect to the temple on the first launch. According to this, Temple on the first use of the long second f carrier rocket launches. Reporter Zhong Yuwei
, long second public information, long second rocket was "long second" rocket based on the improved design designed and developed, with large thrust liquid rocket engine, before defeat in the launch, the rocket launch success rate was 100%.

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