Loan financing chain rupture started throwing in Wenzhou

  caught in private lending and financing chain break, Wenzhou investors are eager to sell properties.
Bureau of Wenzhou City commercial online sales management system's latest data show that since July, Wenzhou taishun County, Pingyang, Yongjia, ruian district, Wenzhou and checking out different degrees.
reporter learned that, among these check out, largely because Bank loans are not granted or the shortage of capital on hand.
in August, a large number of returned the House will be sold into the market again, this is rare since in Wenzhou real estate market for many years.
under the jurisdiction of county-level cities and towns where there have been million real estate central city in Zhejiang Province, less than 10,000 yuan per square meter in the new site and begin to reproduce the market.
on August 18, NBS July changes in 70 cities occurred fell only 14 cities in, there will be two Zhejiang cities of Hangzhou and Ningbo, figure-and classification of housing price index, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Jinhua, Zhejiang in 4 cities, its houses of different sizes showed a small decline. Wenzhou
back in early August, ruian city, Wenzhou new century real estate co of Rui An Tianrui Shang Cheng district I, II and centralized public sales 27 sets out to buy houses.
previously, Bureau had also located in Wenzhou City, Wenzhou City cloud Ding estate, Lai Fu building, 34 check out houses for sales.
reporter learned second-hand housing agency from Wenzhou, many investors start dumping their housing, Wenzhou City cost upwards of 30,000 yuan per square meter significantly increased the supply of high-end houses.
from "China Forum" a message says, recently appeared in local newspapers a lot in Wenzhou real estate transfer ad, 5 a day, began transferring thousands of properties.
Wenzhou official figures also show that Wenzhou property market showed signs of inflection point: the first half of the commercial housing sales fell 47.4% in the city of Wenzhou urban second-hand housing total turnover fell to 58.6%, while in early July, even a situation of zero volume.
people in the industry say, homes were mixed to some extent reflects the developer's financial chain, second-hand house price change mainly reflected investors ' financial stress.
beyond the dismal housing market, local land market also changed the popular scenes in Wenzhou in 19 land sold in the first half, with 14 bids, bids of up to 74% per cent.
Hangzhou-Ningbo discount
on August 13, the Kunlun sounds, an estate in Hangzhou, starting price set at 9999 Yuan/sq m, threw less than million property, the price level was more than Shanghai, Hangzhou market, might as well for big news.
this influence, averaged more than 20,000 are rushing to come up with a new development of the property market in Hangzhou 14,000 kg/sqm, 17,000 square meter price. Hangzhou real estate agents argue that this may become the harbinger of Hangzhou real estate market prices turned.
on the second-hand housing market in the past week, second-hand house trading volume nearly 159 in the downtown of Hangzhou, 22.06% fell the previous week, the weekly volume was the lowest since May.
"during this time of economic adjustment in Zhejiang province a great deal, private capital has recently been hit very hard, which flows mainly in the real estate industry, which makes the property market in Zhejiang province took the lead in a downward momentum. "Housing analyst Xue Jian, told reporters.
and equally developed private economy in Ningbo, a large real estate development has also heavily discounted. Tulip Center August out of the real estate in zhenhai, eventually announced a 66 percent discount price, set off an uproar in the industry. This is a restriction since the implementation of Ningbo's first direct reduction units.
reporters learned from the Ningbo real estate Board, now Ningbo has accumulated more than 18,000 sets of housing inventory, setting a new high since May 2009. The first half of the Ningbo sold 8800 only new homes.
"on 18,000 sets of stocks selling for at least a year. "Xue jianxiong believes that funding chain inventory directly affects developers, entered in September, discounts will be greater in the future.

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